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Did You Know... 

Abrim graduated from Eastern High School in Detroit, Michigan.

Abrim was baptized at the age of eight at the Ephesians Baptist Church where he sang with the Quartet Union.

Along with writing lyrics and music, arranging, producing, and performing, Abrim also played; guitar, piano, drum, flute, trumpet, and clarinet.


Grammy Janyce gave Grandpa Abrim's guitar to Dad when he became an adult.

Grandpa Abrim was named after our Great Grandpa Abrim Sr.

The first song to be written by Abe and James for the Detroit Emeralds in 1970 was "If I Lose Your Love".

The Detroit Emeralds performed with Sammy Davis Jr. during his Highway Safety Foundation Telethon along with 131 others including Muhammad Ali, Pearl Bailey, Brook Benton, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Ray Charles, Dick Clark, Howard Cosell, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Danny Kaye, Yaphet Kotto, Nipsy Russell, Ben Vereen, Lawrence Welk. They raised over $1 million during the telethon.

Abrim age 18 and Janyce age 16 met when Abrim joined New Liberty Baptist Church in July 1963 and joined the Heralds of Joy young adult choir that she was a member of. They started dating in April 1964 and were married in July 1965.

Abrim worked for the US. Postal Service as a mail distribution machine operator for five years before beginning a career as a songwriter and starting the Detroit Emeralds in 1968.

Abrim & Ivory wanted their brother Cleofas to be the third vocalist in the Detroit Emeralds, but Cle preferred to continue singing gospel, so Abe and Ivory asked their childhood friend James Mitchell who sang with the Five Rockets and Newtones, to join them.

The Detroit Emeralds' first hit came in 1968 when Show Time reached the US R&B Top 30.

Their first recording contract was signed with Ric Tic Records in 1968, and they were released when Ric Tic went out of business later that year.

Abrim Tilmon, Ivory Tilmon, and James Mitchell formed the partnership to sing and record as the Detroit Emeralds on January 1, 1968.

 From 1980 until his death in 1982, Abrim had gone back to his gospel roots and was writing and performing in churches with Gospel Unlimited and the Price Singers.

Abrim and Ivory, along with their brothers Raymond and Cleofas, uncle Anderson Jr., and Cle's brother-in-law Sam Smith, sang gospel as the Tilmon Brothers for 16 years.

 Mary and Abrim Sr. had 9 children: Raymond, Ivory, Cleofas, Abrim, Eugene, Kenneth, Darlene, Lonnie, and Lester.

Abrim began singing when he was 2 years old. He was so small when they sang on the radio, that the station had to put him on a chair because the microphone could not be lowered far enough to reach Abrim.


Do You Remember Dancin' To The Sounds Of The Detroit Emeralds? 
Background Music:
'I Think Of You'
Recorded by: Abrim Tilmon & The Detroit Emeralds.